Five Fall Hikes Near Halifax

Five Fall Hikes Near Halifax

Will NelsonSeptember 15, 2017

Summer may get all the credit, but we, personally, think autumn is the best time of year for hiking in Nova Scotia. The weather is still plenty warm, but the air has a refreshing quality to it, and the changing of the leaves is a reminder of the undeniable beauty of this province. Pair any of the following five hikes with a visit to an apple u-pick and you'll give the PSL a run for its money as the definition of fall in Nova Scotia.  We've ranked them from closest to furthest from Halifax for convenience:

1. York Redoubt (12.0 km)


via Halifax Military Heritage Preservation Society 

2. Duncan's Cove (23.6 km) 

via Brian Chaisson  

3. Ovens Natural Park (112 km)


4. Sugar Moon Farm (124 km)


via Sugar Moon Farm

5. Gaff Point (116 km) 


via Paul Newton

Got a favourite fall hiking destination in NS? We want to hear about it in the comments!


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