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4 Seafood-Based Halifax Dishes You Need to Try

Katia CallegariFebruary 01, 2022


People travel and visit places for various reasons. Some might find the scenery breathtaking and worth the trip while others are more inclined to see what the nightlife is like. But if there’s anything that people can agree on when traveling anywhere, it’s that sampling the local cuisine is a must.

That said, people come to Halifax for many reasons, but one of its main attractions is its maritime cuisine. While the seafood industry took a hit in 2020, the first three months of 2021 have shown improvement as the value of live lobster exports increased by 28% (www.cbc.ca). And as travel restrictions are easing up again, it’s the perfect time to try out the seafood that Halifax has to offer. Here are four of the best that you need to try:

Lobster Roll

Since Halifax is near the ocean, there’s an abundance of seafood, such a lobster, that is commonly cooked and served in many restaurants. If you ask anybody from the city what delicacy any visitor should try during their stay, then they will probably say lobster! The fall lobster fishing season opened earlier this month in Nova Scotia, which is known as dumping day as thousands of lobster traps were dumped into the ocean (www.toronto.citynews.ca). One of the best ways to enjoy succulent lobsters is with a lobster roll. The best part about eating this is that you don’t have to worry about breaking apart the body. Lobster meat is served in a soft bun with butter, lemon juice, salt, and black pepper. Whether you’re seated at a restaurant or eating it on the go, this is definitely a must when visiting Halifax.


One of the best ways to enjoy seafood is with soup, and arguably the most popular seafood soup around in Halifax is chowder. This used to be a shipboard dish, but these days, it can be found pretty much everywhere. This creamy soup is delightful, made with shellfish, salmon, onions, bacon, and potatoes. While others may prefer their seafood grilled, steamed, or cooked in sauces, sometimes all you need is a hearty soup that you can recreate at home. A modern rice cooker (www.weknowrice.com) can help you prepare this soup in your own kitchen. These rice cookers will automatically turn off when the dish is finished cooking, allowing you to prepare other dishes while your soup is simmering. It’s worth trying a few recipes to get the Halifax flavor just right, but while you’re here, make sure to try as many bowls as you can.


No trip to a maritime city would be complete without sampling the local oysters. This ocean delicacy, fortunately, can be found around the city all year round. You can also enjoy many varieties of this shellfish. There are many ways to enjoy oysters, whether you like them raw with a bit of lemon and salt (the classic way) or baked with various toppings. This can be anything from pesto sauce to chees! It’s best to try them both ways and determine what you prefer; there are many places that serve oysters around Halifax, and they are served in different ways.

Fish and Chips

Halifax’s local cuisine is heavily influenced by British and Irish favorites, so fish and chips are quite common around the city. In some places, you can choose your fish, which can be any variant from salmon, cod, or pollock. You can also decide what cooking style you want on your fish. Some batters include beer while others are served crunchy, tempura-style. Last but not the least, there are also many sides and sauces to choose from. Some visitors may enjoy chipotle ketchup while others prefer honey-lime dill mayonnaise. The possibilities are practically endless with this type of dish, and it is one you can enjoy many ways on your trip.

Whether you’re on a seafood quest or are simply ordering healthier options while in Halifax (www.shop.trysaute.com), it’s best to plan your trip around the gastronomic choices. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the number of great options you’ll find, which will make your visit a memorable one for sure.

Article was specially written for shop.trysaute.com by Amy Conner

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