6 Places in the HRM to Cheat on Your Diet

6 Places in the HRM to Cheat on Your Diet

Will NelsonSeptember 22, 2017

Even though we've made it our mission to help Halifax eat healthier, we don't think indulging every now and then goes against that. In fact, we support it! It's all about balance, right? With that in mind, we've rounded up six of our favourite local hot spots to satisfy your cravings from time-to-time: 

1. The Old Apothecary

via @toa_bakery

In celebration of Canada's 150th this year, TOA launched a super sweet (har har) campaign showcasing a speciality dessert from each province. Pictured here is their Nanaimo bar representing BC. We may have gone back for this one a few (dozen) times...

2. The Canteen

via @thecanteenns

OK, guys, serious question: Can The Canteen do no wrong? Their Instagram feed is a foodie's paradise and their recent expansion only means more to love. Get your butt over to Dartmouth for lunch or dinner during the week or gather your squad for their standout Saturday brunch.

3. Layers

via @layershalifax

Layers' inventive desserts are almost too immaculate to eat (five words: mini egg cookie dough cupcakes). But we highly recommend you do anyway. Brb, gotta go get one now...

4. Ace Burger

via @aceburgerco

We know, Halifax, we know. You're crushed that Ace is shutting down their Gus's Pub location at the end of this month and we feel your pain. Let's dry our tears and hop on the ferry to drown our sorrows in a Deluxe at Battery Park. We're pretty sure the extra effort to get there will make it taste that much better.

5. Stillwell

via @barstillwell

Beer lovers–this one's for you. Seating may be scarce during peak hours, but we think it only adds to the appeal of the Barrington Street staple. Pass the time waiting for one of their coveted bar stools with classic arcade games on the lower level or snack on some of their signature Tokyo Fries. You might even be able to sweet talk a table into letting you join them by offering up a few bites. 

6. Dee Dee's Ice Cream

via @deedeesicecream

Oh, Dee Dee's–where have you been all our lives? They've got a unique flavour to satisfy everyone's tastes, plus some pretty bomb burritos and baked goods to boot. Hands down the hardest part is choosing between them all! Pro tip: go for a dish + spoon and ask for one of their super fudgy gluten free brownies on top. You're welcome!

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