7 Questions With Dave Culligan

7 Questions With Dave Culligan

Darrah RichardsonDecember 08, 2017

Guess what?! This week marks our 10th post in our "7 Questions With..." series on The Sauté Blog! We've been lovin' conducting these interviews and we hope you've been enjoying reading them just as much. Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, Halifax-born short filmmaker and digital strategist, Dave Culligan, takes a swing at bat below:

1. How did you get started in business?

I got started by just making stuff and putting it online. Learned how to code on CodeAcademy.com then started writing a blog. Got my first job in marketing then discovered video blogging. I made a couple hundred videos on my iPhone before running a GoFundMe campaign to buy my first DSLR and camera kit.

2. What is your morning routine?

I try to practice some form of gratitude and always do an ice cold shower. The cold showers were a game changer for me when I was at my lowest point, and now I feel like I'm cheating myself if I don't do it. Strong coffee is also a must before setting my sights for the day.

3. Where is your favourite coffee shop in Halifax?

Hardest question, hands down. 
Lion & Bright and Seven Bays are my laptop spots.
Pavia, Weird Harbour & The Old Apothecary are gold. 

Nothing beats a bike ride for a coffee to Pavia in Herring Cove.

4. What's a goal you're working towards right now?

I'm working on leaning into my own strengths and outsourcing other tasks. I'm learning that you can only do so much as a one-man-band.

5. Who inspires you and why?

Councillor Lindell Smith is one of the most inspiring figures to me right now. There's nothing fake about him. He's him, and he doesn't apologize for it, and people love that. I love that.

6. When was the last time you failed spectacularly at something?

I recently sent a piece of work to a client and thought it was amazing. They responded by basically saying it was complete trash. I'm not discouraged though. If this were happening all the time, that would be a problem. But I know what I'm capable of and I know I'll get them something they're very happy with. It'll take some work, but we'll get there.

7. What's the best advice you've ever received?

Jeremie Saunders' entire Ted Talk from TedX Toronto. "You're all gonna die". Once you've truly contemplated that fact that you're going to die anyway, it makes playing it safe seem kind of pointless.

Many thanks to Dave for his honesty and insight. You can see examples of Dave's work (including the highly praised"Three Sixty Five Project" which landed him bronze in The Coast Best Of Halifax 2017 awards) on Instagram @dave.culligan.

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