Fresh Menu - Week of July 28th

Fresh Menu - Week of July 28th

Allison FentonJuly 25, 2019

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Regular Menu

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Spicy pork meatball noodle bowl

Southern BBQ chicken with corn on the cob and potato salad

Chinese braised beef with bok choy and brown rice


Spicy chickpea noodle bowl

Southern tofu with corn on the cob and potato salad

Vegetable Chinese stew


Sweet onion pork chops with sweet potato mash and roasted broccoli

Malaysian chicken curry on basmati rice


Sweet onion tofu with sweet potato mash and roasted broccoli

Malaysian sweet potato curry on basmati rice



Chinese braised beef noodle bowl

Salmon fritters on a mixed green salad with lemon garlic vinaigrette

Fattoush salad with house-made pita chips


Weight Loss Menu

Lean dinners and lunches designed to help burn fat

Sunday Delivery


Overnight oats with spiced apple
Overnight oats with blueberry jam
Overnight oats with peanut crumble


Curried vegetable stew
Turmeric chicken on a lentil, radish, and spinach salad 
Salmon spring roll salad with peanut dressing

Spice rubbed pork loin on a loaded quinoa salad with green tahini dressing
Baked salmon with lentils, broccoli, and green beans
Spiced chicken with tomato salsa, quinoa, and roasted squash

Wednesday Delivery

Chia bowl with spiced apple
Chia bowl with blueberry jam
Going Green smoothie (frozen)
Smooth The Soul smoothie (frozen)

Spiced chicken macro bowl
Cumin chicken on a quinoa tabbouleh salad
Rosemary chicken with kale, beets, and tomato salsa (Frozen)
Chicken and vegetable chili (Frozen)

Pesto haddock stir-fry
Garlic roasted chicken with sweet potato, quinoa, and broccoli
Za’atar salmon with brown rice, green beans, and cauliflower (Frozen)
Tamari chicken stir - fry (Frozen)

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