Weight Loss Plan


Why this plan works

If weight loss is your goal, the most efficient solution is a tailored diet. Achieving a caloric deficit to burn fat is more attainable through diet than spending hours in the gym, but it's often difficult to always have healthy meals on hand and stay disciplined. With Sauté, we prepare and deliver your meals to make healthy eating easy for you.

Subscribing to this plan will not only give you visible results but will change your habits for the long term!

When will my food arrive?

All of your meals will arrive together. If you place your order between Tuesday-Friday, your meals will arrive on Monday. If you place your order between Saturday-Monday, your meals will arrive on Thursday.

What this plan includes

  1. Lean meals for every day of the week
  2. Daily breakfast (optional), lunch, and dinner
  3. Delivery to your door once a week

How it works

  • Get deliveries once a week on Mondays or Thursdays
  • Subscribe to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or selections of your choice
  • All items are designed to help you lose weight
  • If you wish to cancel your subscription, please give us 72 hours notice

Photos by @iamryanwilliams & @kdavisfitness