Health & Fitness Gift Ideas: 50 of the Best Gifts for the Holidays

Health & Fitness Gift Ideas: 50 of the Best Gifts for the Holidays

Will NelsonNovember 21, 2018

A list of health and fitness gift ideas, curated by Sauté.

We have curated some of our favourite products here at Sauté and have linked them all to Amazon to make your shopping quick and easy this holiday season. Below, you will find six sections including equipment, gadgets, food, books, home & kitchen, and beauty. We include products from Dave Asprey, Tim Ferriss, FitMenCook™ (Kevin), FitBit, Khiel’s, and many more.

We hope you enjoy!

1. Fitness Equipment

2-in-1 Foam Roller

Price: $25.99

Resistance Bands

Price: $19.99

TRX Training

Price: $129.95

Everlast Boxing Gloves

Price: $29.97

Peloton Bike

Price: $2,950

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Price: $34.57

Workout Sliders by CampTeck

Price: $7.99

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Price: $34.26

BowFlex Dumbbells

Price: $399.99

Best Fitness Power Rack

Price: $441.99

Paralette Bars

Price: $129.97

Everlast Duo Ab Wheel

Price: $42.60

Ozero Running and Cycling Gloves

Price: $19.80

2. Home & Kitchen

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Price: $300.00

Instant Raw Pasta Maker

Price: $28.99

Blendtec Blender

Price: $390.37

Yeti Rambler

Price: $49.99

Nalgene Water Bottle

Price: $14.23

Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $38.99

Endy Sleep Mattress

Price: $675

3D Sleep Mask

Price: $39.95

Light Therapy Lamp

Price: $109.99

3. Books

Simply Keto

Price: $27.89

Fit Men Cook — 100+ Meal-Prep Recipes

Price: $35.20

The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

Price: $33.25

Food Journal

Price: $ 9.99

Sleep Smarter

Price: $ 15.99

Why We Get Fat

Price: $17.06

The Obesity Code

Price: $15.90

The Complete Guide to Fasting

Price: $25.50

The Case Against Sugar

Price: $26.28

4. Food

Go Cubes

Price: $79.68

Brain Octane by Bulletproof

Price: $50.33

BCAAs by Rivalus

Price: $29.99


Price: $96.94

Mushroom Coffee by Four Sigma

Price: $20.20

Bullet Proof Coffee

Price: $23.77

Nutiva MCT Oil

Price: $24.99

Lee’s Ghee

Price: $19.97

Great Lakes Gelatin

Price: $39.95

5. Tech

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $35.54

Boosted Mini S

Price: $999

FitBit Charge 2

Price: $168.50

Motiv Ring

Price: $279.99

Nokia Activity Watch

Price: $139.99

Apple AirPods


Bose Quiet Comfort

Price: $449.00

6. Beauty

Khiel’s Moisturizer

Price: $40.99


Price: $16.49

Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash

Price: $16.58

That’s all for now, folks. We hope you enjoyed!

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