7 Questions with Thomas Rankin

7 Questions with Thomas Rankin

Darrah RichardsonNovember 03, 2017

Thomas Rankin, Co-founder of Dash Hudsonthe authority on advertising on Instagram, donated a bit of his time between family and running a rapidly growing business to answer our questions for the fifth installment of "7 Questions With..." Find out below how he navigates it all!  

1. How did you get started in business?

I was working at Innovacorp as an investment director and had a chance to work with some really amazing startup founders. A few people I respect told me I was an entrepreneur, so I blame them. I met my cofounder Tomek and he and I started working on some projects together. We had an idea that got us excited, so I left my job at the end of 2013 and the adventure began!

2. What is your morning routine?

Up at 6am, downstairs to pack my daughter's lunch for school and make both my girls breakfast. Slam two cups of coffee. Get them out the door, walk the dog, go for a quick run, get ready and head for the bus/ferry to get to work.

3. Where is your favourite place in Dartmouth for brunch?

I love the Micmac Tavern because their brunches are old school but amazing, and they are super kid friendly.

4. What's a goal you're working towards right now?

Making sure everyone who works at Dash Hudson is challenged, happy, and given lots of opportunity to grow.

5. Who inspires you and why? 

I take inspiration from everyone around me. Personal growth is about picking up the little things that make your life and that of your loved ones better.

6. When was the last time you failed spectacularly at something? 

I fail all of the time, but that's because we try to do hard things. We've managed to always bail out on bad ideas before the spectacular happened :).

7. What makes you smile without fail?

How ridiculous my two daughters are. They're nuts. Oh, and a good runner's high in the sunshine.

Thomas's approach to business can truly be summed up by the old adage "never ventured, nothing gained." And the Halifax startup community is all the better for it! Pssst...Dash Hudson puts out FREE blog content weekly for its IG savvy (and soon-to-be savvy) readers. Check it!  

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