7 Questions With Connie McInnes

7 Questions With Connie McInnes

Darrah RichardsonOctober 13, 2017

This week, we sat down with Connie McInnes (not literally because that woman is always on the go making a positive impact in the community!). Connie owns RIO, and the newly minted ROGUE studios, and she's the second contributor to our "7 Questions With..." series. Take a look!

1. How did you get started in business?

I don't like to be told what to do...just kidding. I have just always been passionate about looking at all angles of something and building progressive change. I wanted to start a business so I could combine all of my passions: marketing, public relations, people, communications, fitness, and community.

2. What is your morning routine?

Always early. Always coffee. I don't get very far in the morning without attending to emails first. Ideally, I get a sweat in and have most of my work done before lunchtime. Everything just turns to chaos after that point :).

3. What's a goal you're working towards right now?

My primary goal over the last couple of years has been building up the fitness community in Halifax. I am on my second studio now hoping to bring as much diversity and variety to the city as I can. Once that's built, it's all about expanding it beyond these walls, and taking it to who knows where.

4. Where is your favourite place in Halifax for brunch?

There are too many to choose. Edna, enVie, Studio East, all the North End hubs bring a tasty little start to the day!

5. Who inspires you and why?

I am always inspired by fearless people doing things strictly out of passion. The more creative and risky the move, the more inspiring it is. There are so many people in Halifax right now going out on a limb and doing amazing things. One of the greatest parts of being a business owner in Halifax is seeing what other business owners are doing. It's not an easy economy to build in, and it takes a lot of heart. So you know what it takes watching other people do it too. It's like we are all one team just trying to do good things.

6. When was the last time you failed spectacularly at something?

Every. Day. It is impossible to please everyone and in a perfect world, that's all you want to try and do. Not everyone sees it that way, which makes every day a massive challenge. It is hard to get through a week without a mistake, but it's also the only way to grow. In opening a studio for the second time, I see how many mistakes I had made the first time around. But you have to stick to your heart and vision. I know I am always in it for the right reasons. And that is what I have to stay focused on.

7. What good cause is closest to your heart?

I feel passionately about trying to support the community in every angle. For me, I think the most important cause is anything that brings about opportunity whether it's women's and children's shelters or making sure the less fortunate have the opportunity to receive a good meal. Not everyone is brought into the world given equal opportunity so any organization or person that is willing to put their foot forward to drive change and equality is something I want to support. My father was a huge community leader and a huge part of that resides in me. Community and Driving Change. It's what I stand for.

Connie is the epitome of "heart" and her work ethic is like no other. We're so honoured that she took time out of her busy-doesn't-even-come-close schedule to answer our questions. Have you checked out ROGUE yet? Did any of Connie's responses inspire you to get out and contribute to your community? Let us know in the comments!

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