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7 Intense Fitness Classes To Get You Ready For Summer In Halifax

Sarah ReidMarch 19, 20181 comment

It's almost spring. Time to tuck away the parkas, scarves, slippers and storm chips. We've got you covered with the top 7 intense fitness classes to try in Halifax right now. 


1. ROGUE KICKBOX w Sonny Wilson (ROGUE Sweat Train Community)

Were you as lazy as us this winter? Get your a$$ kicked with this intense, but OK for newbies, workout! "The ultimate combo of boxing, martial arts and aerobics. Intense interval work that alternates between bag and floor work in a dynamic full body effective workout. Expect offensive and defensive kickboxing sequences, body weight training, high speed intervals and a whole lotta’ sweat." Don't let the description or photos intimidate you. The team at ROGUE is insanely welcoming and you'll find yourself leaving as a part of a big new family.

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2. Hollywood (F45 Halifax) *coming April 2018*

Halifax, meet your new favorite studio. Originating in Australia, the F45 concept has taken cities like Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver (to name a few) by storm. The Hollywood class is going to shake up your Saturday morning routine "45 minutes of high intensity interval circuits around 27 stations that will put your strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance under the brightest of spotlights. It’s a test of strength and, even more, a test of willpower." Continue your Friday night into Saturday morning- seriously, they have a live DJ.

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3. Group Fitness w Leanne (PUSH Halifax)

A hidden gem, just off of Gottingen street, the team at PUSH are all about technique, doing things safely and optimizing your results. You never feel like you're on your own: the support is incredible. "The high-energy group fitness classes you will find at PUSH Fitness are here to help you live better and still enjoy your life. Everyone in the class completes the same workout together, coached by two incredible trainers who also participate because the classes are so much fun." Leanne is certified as a personal trainer with Canada Fitness Professionals, and has completed courses through Dalhousie to increase her knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

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4. Ironstone Strength Circuit (Crossfit Ironstone)

Intimidated by the CrossFit you see on social media? Yeah...we are too sometimes. Don't fret, there's no barbells and squat racks here. CrossFit Ironstone has recognized the need for a class that is accessible to all. "The Ironstone Strength Circuit is all about developing strong lean muscle that keeps your body healthy, restores function, decreases injury risk, and improves body composition. Using a moderate intensity circuit format we will give you everything your body needs as the perfect compliment to your yoga, spin, or bootcamp classes." No previous experience required.

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5. SpinCo w Maria (SpinCo Halifax)

Reach down, turn it up. Spinco has captured the energy of this city with their high intensity classes, insane beats and a mantra that celebrates their community: one bike. one team. Maria offers a chance to shut your mind off for 45 minutes and just ride it out. "I'm motivated by the chance to escape during class. It's like nothing else exists- just me, my riders, and the beat." Not afraid of sweat? This class is for you.

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6. Cultivation w Ariane (Pramana)

Sometimes intensity comes in different forms. This yoga class requires some previous experience. "There will be a focus on breath, more instruction for vinyasa flow and the opportunity to explore and deepen your asana". Ariane fell in love with yoga during her first year of university. She brings a style of teaching based in classical hatha and has a strong focus on alignment. Nestled in the heart of Halifax's North End, Pramana is a studio that prides themselves on inclusiveness and facilitates self-discovery. You will leave this space feeling connected, strong, and in many ways, healed.  

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7. North End Circuit w Kelly Cousens (ROGUE Sweat Train Community)

"Sweat now, beer later." We can get on board with this. Kelly delivers an experience that pushes you to try new things, sweat a sh*t ton, and feel like you just conquered something amazing. "The all over special. Incorporating segments from all of our classes, introducing a full complex body, cardio, strength, conditioning class that will have you moving from beginning to end. Using various pieces of equipment including medicine balls, sand bags, battle ropes, TRX Trainer, kettle bells and so much more. Offering clear modifications so the workout can be adjusted to any level. Don’t be surprised if we take some of these exercises outdoors or have you running laps around the pavement." 

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