5 Ways to Get Fit in Halifax

5 Ways to Get Fit in Halifax

Will NelsonJanuary 03, 2017

This time of year in Halifax has you motivated to take control of your health, but it's often hard to get your butt in gear between coming off the holiday season and battling our cold weather. To make things a little easier, we put together a short list of ways to get in shape this year.

1. Work out from home to increase your heart rate

Get a whiteboard and jot down five exercises you can complete in ten minutes, then cycle through that workout two-three times. Finding ten or twenty minutes a day to get your heart rate up can make the world of difference for your health and physique. 

Here are five workouts we like to do at Sauté:

  1. 10 burpees as fast as you can
  2. 20 squat and press (with dumbbells)
  3. skip for 30 seconds (if you don't own a skipping rope, do jumping lunges)
  4. 20 toe touches
  5. 30 pushups

Repeat two-three times

For a complete program visit KDavisFitness.com where you'll find a number of workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goals in 2017!

2. Join a high-intensity gym

One of the most obvious ways to stay in shape is by regularly attending a high-intensity gym. Luckily, there are a number of excellent gyms in Halifax to choose from:

  1. Evolve Fitness 
  2. FitnessFX
  3. Cyclone Group Fitness
  4. CrossFit Onside
  5. 360 Fit
  6. Crossfit Ironstone
  7. OneUp Fitness
  8. Strada Health and Fitness Centre
  9. Blended Athletics
  10. ProEdge Sports Conditioning
  11. Project Fit

3. Get a gym buddy

By finding a workout partner, you will not only keep yourself honest, but you will also be motivated to work harder. Teaming up with someone who has similar fitness goals is a great way to push yourself to visit the gym more — and work harder while you're there. This will yield much better results over time.

4. Watch what you eat

Healthy eating should be one of the top items listed in terms of how to lose weight in Halifax, and there's no easier way to do it than to order your food online. Sauté offers an array of smoothies, soups and dinners that taste great and help keep you in shape. By purchasing these quick, healthy meals, you can prevent the pitfalls that may accompany consuming frequent “cheat meals”.

5. Stay hydrated

Lastly, one of the top ways to stay fit in Halifax is by increasing your water intake. Many people mistake the feeling of dehydration for one of hunger. Try drinking water when you experience hunger pains to reduce your caloric intake.

Overall, staying fit in Halifax can be a cinch. Remember to visit shop.trysaute.com for healthy food, and share this post with friends who also want to get in shape — you may just find another workout buddy or two.


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