Week of February 20th

Week of February 20th

Allison FentonFebruary 19, 2017


Red wine and mushroom braised beef on brown rice, with roasted turnip and sweet potato mash

BBQ chicken burrito bowl on "green rice"

Pepper crusted pork tenderloin with blueberry sauce, on quinoa with braised leeks and honey roasted carrots


Spicy sweet potato burrito bowl

Pepper crusted tofu on kale caesar salad

Roasted chickpeas on an Asian sesame salad

Lunches & Catering

Chicken salad sandwich with celeriac, potato, and thyme soup

Lemon roasted chicken on kale caesar salad

Lime marinated chicken bowl with spicy peanut sauce

Sesame marinated beef on a crunchy Asian salad

Soup & Sandwich Combo 
Curried carrot soup with chicken salad sandwich

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