Fresh Menu - Week of September 28th

Fresh Menu - Week of September 28th

Nick LeblancSeptember 25, 2020

Please note that our Weight Loss menu and Regular Menu differ by calorie count and carb type. Weight Loss meals will often contain a different carb, no carbs, or a balance that creates a low-calorie meal.


Beef bourguignon with roasted baby potatoes

Pistachio crusted pork with cherry sauce, quinoa, brussels sproutss and braised red cabbage

Chicken and Salmon Duo

Sesame pork with cilantro ginger pesto, quinoa, greens, and carrots

Chicken and vegetable pad thai




Pistachio crusted chicken on a spinach salad with berry vinaigrette

Lemon and dill salmon fritters on a mixed green salad

Mexican spiced chicken on a corn and bean salad

Teriyaki pork stir-fry

Loaded broccoli salad with rosemary chicken




Winter roasted vegetable stew

Pistachio crusted black bean fritters with cherry sauce, quinoa, brussel sprouts and braised red cabbage

Veggie curry on rice

Sesame tofu with cilantro ginger pesto, quinoa, greens & carrots

Vegetable pad Thai




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