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Weight-Loss Meal Plan

Offered weekly starting on Sundays


If weight loss is your goal, the most efficient solution is a tailored diet. Achieving a caloric deficit to burn fat is more attainable through diet than spending hours in the gym, but it's often difficult to always have healthy meals on hand and stay disciplined. With Sauté, we prepare and deliver your meals to make healthy eating easy for you.

Subscribing to this plan will not only give you visible results but will change your habits for the long term.

What this plan includes

  1. All of your meals for seven days of the week!
  2. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  3. Delivery to your door twice a week
  4. The option to choose intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast
  5. FREE InBody Scan to measure your results
  6. Access to the Sauté Challenge Facebook group
  7. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don't like a meal, we will refund it

High-level overview

  • Sign up by Friday for your first deliveries on Sunday and Wednesday
  • Your week will begin with breakfast on Monday morning and end with dinner on Sunday night
  • Each day consists of 1200-1500 calories
  • Have dietary restrictions? Just let us know under Notes during checkout.
  • If you wish to cancel your subscription, please give us 72 hours notice

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Photos by @iamryanwilliams & @kdavisfitness

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