Smoothie 12 Pack

Stock up on smoothies and be energized every day!

Grab a twelve pack, pop it in the freezer, then put your smoothie in the fridge before bed to thaw. Wake up to a perfectly blended smoothie and be on your way! (Shake well for best results)

On the Run

Espresso, banana, mint, almond milk, peanut butter, honey

Going Green
Spinach, cucumber, kale, green apple, celery, lemonade, honey

Blue Balance
Blueberries, green tea, banana, honey, soy milk

Get Fit
Banana, beets, vanilla protein, collagen, cinnamon

Coconut Bliss
Coconut, vanilla, almond milk, banana, chia seeds

Smooth the Soul 
Carrots, pear, ginger, pumpkin seeds, turmeric

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