#10Strong is a transformational program over 10 days that will push your limits both physically and mentally to develop discipline and healthy habits long-term.
Participation is free, but we have two plans that will make your journey a little easier: 1.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 10 days prepared and delivered by Sauté
2. Sauté Meals for 10 days + 30 days to Evolve Fitness, in-person and online.
To get started right away, download and print the  calendar here and post it to your fridge to keep yourself accountable.
Upon joining us for this challenge, you will receive an email from us with more information on the program. In case that email doesn't find you, you can download the overview here.

The #10Strong Challenge

Each day consists of the following:

Workout two times per day for 30 minutes - one workout must be outside
No cheat meals/snacks
Drink 4L of water per day
Read 20 pages of a non-fiction book per day
Post your calendar daily to share your progress using the hashtag #10strong

Prizes for completing 10/10

1 month of Sauté meals + 3 months Evolve + Evolve swag of choice
10 days Sauté + 1 month Evolve + Evolve swag of choice
1 month Evolve membership
Sweet Pea Dress
$50 Two Doors Down gift card

More on how it works

     Anyone can join this challenge for free - simply download the calendar above and post pictures of your calendar to #10Strong on Instagram!

    You can also sign up for meals through us, or get meals and a trial with Evolve. If you get the Sauté + Evolve package, you will get 10 days worth of meals, all delivered at once, and get access to Strawberry Hill bootcamps and virtual fitness training.

    We believe accountability is crucial to your success, so we want you to download the calendar to track your progress, and post pics of your calendar daily using #10Strong.

    You can do this. Let's go!


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